Key Differentiators

Search and Redact with C# PDF redaction SDK

Bulk Search and Redact

Automate the redaction of sensitive text and images across multiple documents and use regular expressions to redact phone numbers, email addresses, identification numbers, dates, etc.

PDF Data Redaction C# PDF SDK

Proven PDF Data Redaction

ActivePDF’s C# Redaction SDK is trusted by companies across the globe, removing sensitive data and preventing viewers from seeing, searching, highlighting or copying redacted text and images.

Easily integrate with simple API

Easy Integration

Easily integrate in existing applications with a simple setup API.

Highlight Features

Custom Redaction Boxes

Redact images with C# .NET PDF SDK

Programmatically remove and replace targeted text or images with customizable redaction boxes (size/color).

Simple Redaction

Redact words, numbers or entire pages with C# .NET PDF SDK

Redact by targeting a specific set of words or strings of numbers, or block out entire pages. Set separate literal strings for redacting pages, metadata, form fields and bookmarks.

C# PDF Redaction Products

Toolkit Ultimate C# PDF SDK

Toolkit Ultimate

Award-winning PDF SDK library to create and convert PDF documents, with the extra functionality to merge, modify, extract, redact, compress, eSign, form-fill, embed barcodes, and more. Set stamps, bookmarks, page numbers, and customized printing functions with full control over PDF output. Security functionalities include the ability to encrypt, decrypt, and digitally sign.

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