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C# PDF Extract Text and Images

Extract Text and Images

Quickly locate, extract and verify PDF-based text (as well as invisible text) and image formats, such as JPG, TIFF and PNG. A Watched Folder interface provides drag-and-drop processing with individual folders that can be configured for specific scenarios.

C# PDF library for programmatically locating and extracting metadata  for PDF with C# .NET PDF Extraction SDK

Metadata Extraction

C# PDF library for programmatically locating and extracting metadata for PDF indexing and archiving in an enterprise and automated environment.

C# PDF High Performance Data Capture

High-Performance Data Capture

High-performance search and extraction of PDF data, such as addresses, totals and reports are immediately available after execution. Designed with multithreaded application and in-memory processing for faster performance.

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Extract and Save

Extract and save for C# .NET SDK

Save all extracted text in-memory to a string; or parse and save images to a specified file name by targeting all images, specified pages, or placement coordinates.

Classification and Indexing

Classification and indexing for C# .NET SDK

Automate key information extraction to categorize or index documents for archiving, classification and more.

Automate PDF Processing

Search and extraction for C# .NET SDK

Easily and accurately automate high-volume search and extraction based on contextual information such as keywords, key phrases or location.

C# PDF Parsing and Extraction Products

Toolkit Ultimate C# PDF SDK

Toolkit Ultimate

Award-winning PDF SDK library to create, convert, parse and extract PDF documents, with the extra functionality to merge, modify, redact, rasterize, compress, eSign, form-fill, embed barcodes and more. Set stamps, bookmarks, page numbers and customized printing functions with full control over PDF output. Security functionalities include the ability to encrypt, decrypt and digitally sign.



Quickly and easily capture data with full-text OCR or zonal data extraction tools and convert numerous file types to searchable text PDF documents. Whether on a network or in a private cloud, PDF data is securely and accurately targeted, captured, extracted and verified. PDF output is optimized for searchability and editability, with full control over compression, encryption and metadata.

Download & Documentation

Download & Documentation