Key Differentiators

Reduce PDF file sizes with C# .NET PDF compression SDK

Compression and Optimization

Reduce PDF file sizes dramatically while maintaining original formatting and quality. Subset fonts, compress images and discard user data, such as attachments, comments, form fields and metadata.

Prepare lager PDF documents using C# .NET PDF Compression SDK


Programmatically prepare large PDF documents so that they stream incrementally instead of all at once. This enables the user to view a page instantly while the remaining PDF loads silently in the background.

Compress selected objects with C# .NET PDF SDK

Selective Compression

Compress selected objects in the output PDF, including page objects and fonts, while streams in other content, such as text, images and data go unaffected.

Highlight Features

Combine Compression

Convert and compress image with C# .NET PDF SDK

Convert images such as, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and RGB to and from PDF.

Control Compression Settings

Control PDF compression with C# .NET SDK

Reduce PDF file sizes with full control over compression settings, including support for dynamic conversion to JPEG2000 and JBIG2 images.

Maximized Compression

Reduce PDF file sizes through C# .NET SDK

Programmatically reduce PDF file sizes by up to 95% from the original size.

C# PDF Compression Products

Toolkit Ultimate C# PDF SDK

Toolkit Ultimate

Award-winning PDF SDK library to create and convert PDF documents, with the extra functionality to merge, modify, extract, redact, rasterize, compress, eSign, form-fill, embed barcodes and more. Set stamps, bookmarks, page numbers and customized printing functions with full control over PDF output. Security functionalities include the ability to encrypt, decrypt and digitally sign.

WebGrabber HTML to PDF C# SDK


A .NET C# developer SDK to convert HTML files or webpages into PDF documents. Consistent, reliable and accurate, WebGrabber generates high-quality, compressed PDF files from HTML or URLs using familiar standards-based language. This flexible SDK provides developers the ability to programmatically customize PDF output, which includes a user interface (UI) that can be easily accessed remotely.

Download & Documentation

Download & Documentation