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How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint® has long been the standard software program for creating winning presentations in classrooms, boardrooms, and beyond. Even the most inexperienced user can whip out a professional-looking presentation in little time.

However, when it comes time to search for how to convert PDF to PowerPoint, the task can get challenging, especially if you’re looking to save the PDF files as editable slides and not as mere static images.

Luckily, there's a quick and easy way to save any PDF file as an editable PowerPoint (PPTx) file using DocConverter by ActivePDF.

Before we take you through the steps of converting PDF to PPTx with DocConverter, let's explore when and why you would want to convert a PDF to a PowerPoint file in the first place.

Working with PDF and Excel File Formats

While it's true that PDF has become the standard file format of digital transformation for easy sharing and storing, using PDF in a presentation format would cause you to miss out on the control benefit of PowerPoint. PDFs are great, but they're largely static files. Edits aren't easily made on the fly, and they aren't really designed to be used in a presentation format.

This is where the PPTx file shines. As a presentation file, it's specifically designed to look sharp on projectors and computer desktops, while giving the presenter full control of the presentation. This is something that most PDF viewing tools lack. A typical PowerPoint presentation is made up of a series of individual slides that are easily editable, allowing for last minute changes, edits, or additions to the presentation. These are key factors in presenting a well-prepared, timely, and powerful presentation.

With this in mind, you can see why it makes perfect sense to convert a PDF to a PPTx file. Any time you're delivering a presentation that might require quick edits, control or interactive options, converting PDF to PPTx is the way to go.

Important Note on How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint:

Be sure that you are converting a PDF to a PowerPoint for the right reasons. Not every PDF will need to be converted, and some will be just fine as images. However, if you need to make edits or want to adjust formatting to appear more natural in a presentation, conversion is a must.



From here, you need to pick your conversion tool. That leads us to our next topic...

What is the Best Software to Convert PDF to PPTx?

Calling on DocConverter for your PDF-to-PPTx conversions has several unique benefits. If you've worked with poorly optimized file conversion tools in the past, you know the main drawback can be long wait-time conversions. This is especially true for online converters which can waste too many precious minutes to convert a file. DocConverter solves this issue with quick conversion times, leaving you with more time to work on your presentation and less time watching the clock!

Another powerful benefit from DocConverter is the ability to convert your PDF files into fully editable PPTx slides. With DocConverter, you won't be settling just for images placed onto a blank slide. Any file converted will support the ability to edit and update using any application capable of editing PowerPoint files.

DocConverter also features increased security, especially when compared to online converters which may store your file on their servers for an unspecified amount of time. With DocConverter, you're in control of your files and thus the content within. This is a must for any file which may contain personal, financial, or otherwise confidential information.

Another great advantage to using DocConverter is its ability to retain the fidelity and formatting of the original file. Normally, when converting a PDF to a PPTx file you'll need to spend a good deal of time redoing bullet points, tables, objects, and even layouts. This can be a huge time sink, even for relatively simple PDFs.

Finally, with DocConverter, you'll have full control over your export. That means you won't need to export the full PDF if the data isn't all relevant to your PowerPoint presentation. You can pick and choose the information you want to export, and choose which portion of the slide it'll go into! It's another way to save time, and another way to make your converted PDF feel and work as you want it when converting to PPTx.


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How to Convert PDF to PPTx in a Few Easy Steps with DocConverter


Get Started with the Basics:

Add DocConverter to Your Project

The code used in this tutorial will be C#, since it's widely adopted by corporations both large and small. However, DocConverter works with VB.NET, VBS, ASP, PHP, CF, and Ruby as well. If you want to see how to convert files from PDF in those languages take a look at the many examples on our website

Now at this point, you may be saying, "I thought you said this could be done in a few easy steps!"

As we all know, code isn't always easy! As you'll soon see however, DocConverter was made to be as simple to use as possible. The SDK calls you'll be adding to your application are simple and straightforward. So, let's dive right in.

For starters, you'll need to add ActivePDF's .net DLL(s) to your app and instantiate the object. By default, the .NET Assembly can be found at C:\Program Files\activePDF\DocConverter\bin\APDocConverter.Net46.dll

converting PDF-to-PPT, PDF to Powerpoint software conversion

Simply pass in the input file that you want to convert. 

Here is the code snippet to convert a word document to PDF: 

// Convert a PDF to a PPT
results = oDC.ConvertFormPDF(strPath + "input.PDF", FromPDFFunction. ToPowerPoint, strPath + "new.ppt");
if (results.DocConverterStatus != DCDK.Results.DocConverterStatus.Success)
     ErrorHandler("ConvertToPDF", results, results.DocConverterStatus.ToString());

That's it! It really is that simple to create an editable PowerPoint file out of a PDF file.

Once you're done with the conversion, you'll be able to edit the PPTx file just like you would any PowerPoint file. This will enable you to tweak the formatting, add, or remove elements so that the PDF feels like it's not just converted, but made exclusively for your presentation.

In fact, your audience will have a hard time telling between the converted slides and the custom PowerPoint slides.

There's more to DocConverter! Check out the blog "6 Unknown DocConverter Features":
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Summary: How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint File Types

In this article, we covered:

  1. The circumstances of when and why to convert a PDF file to a PowerPoint (PPTx).
  2. The benefits of converting a PDF file to a PowerPoint (PPTx) file.
  3. How to convert a PDF file to a PowerPoint (PPTx) file using DocConverter.
  4. Why DocConverter by ActivePDF is the best choice when converting PDF files to PowerPoint.

DocConverter is our recommendation for the security, the amount of control you'll get over the conversion, the automatic formatting, and the time savings you'll see from the speed of conversions.

There you have a quick and easy course on how, why, and when to convert PDF to PowerPoint (PPTx). Now that you know the simple steps to converting PDF to PowerPoint, you are on your way to creating a memorable and successful presentation.


Have more questions about converting PDF to PowerPoint or other digital transformation questions? Contact the knowledgeable technical advisors at ActivePDF today!

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ActivePDF DocConverter is a powerful .NET document conversion solution with SDK, offering support for popular file types that convert to and from PDF. Extend scalable conversion capabilities across the enterprise while managing processes from a single location. Integrate document conversion into your existing applications. Create watched folders for simple drag-and drop conversions, auto append new pages to existing PDF and retain interactive elements with secure PDF output.

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