How to Remove Pages from a PDF with C# .NET & More!

Most standard PDF readers (including Adobe) do not enable certain editing options, so users are often left wondering, "How can I remove pages from a PDF?"

The good news is, depending on which software or operating system you are using, there are a few options to help you tackle this common PDF challenge.


In this article, we'll provide step-by-step instructions on how to remove pages from a PDF using C# .NET, browser-based, and MAC OS.

These methods will help you regardless if you need to cut just one blank page or a whole batch of pages from your document.

5 Ways to Remove Pages in a PDF

There is more than one way to remove, delete, or leave out pages within a PDF document. Below are five methods to help cover your specific needs, working platforms, or operating systems:


1. Toolkit by ActivePDF, Using CopyForm (C# .NET)

If you're a developer or IT manager using Toolkit by ActivePDF, you know that this award-winning solution can do just about anything when it comes to PDF manipulation in an automated environment.

While there is no direct way to remove pages in Toolkit (yet!), you can copy all the pages you want from a PDF and simply skip the pages you don't want. This can be done by using the CopyForm call.

Here is the code sample for C# CopyForm:


For the full CopyForm code sample, visit Toolkit in GitHub: https://github.com/ActivePDF/Toolkit/blob/master/C%23/Toolkit.CopyForm.cs


2. Toolkit by ActivePDF, Using MergeFile (C# .NET)

The MergeFile call is another way to get creative when needing to remove PDF pages using Toolkit. With MergeFile, you can select a page range, with the option of leaving certain pages out – essentially removing the pages you don't select. 

Here is the code sample for C# MergeFile:


For the full MergeFile code sample, visit Toolkit in GitHub: https://github.com/ActivePDF/Toolkit/blob/master/C%23/Toolkit.MergeFileMulti.cs


Toolkit is the complete C# .NET SDK PDF tool. Try it for free today! 

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3. DocSpace by ActivePDF (Robotic Process Automation, Low-Code)

If you're a developer working in enterprise IT or performing high-volume automation tasks, you know how imperative it is to keep human error at a minimum while increasing efficiency. DocSpace with RPA intelligence is the perfect tool for you when removing pages within multiple PDF documents. Here are the easy steps using DocSpace:

  1. Select Basic Task > Pages > Delete By PDF Pages > Options > Enter range of pages to delete
  2. Select which file(s) to process
  3. Select output destination
  4. Select Start button



Attention Developers & IT Managers:
DocSpace by ActivePDF provides enterprise RPA PDF Conversion, Compression, OCR, Redaction, and More! 

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4. Preview on Mac OS

What do you do if you're working on a Mac? Preview is a built-in viewing software available on nearly all Mac Operating Systems. Here's the simple step-by-step instructions to remove PDF pages from your Mac OS:

  1. Double-click and open your PDF file in Preview. Or, Control+Open with and select Preview
  2. Go to the View menu and click Thumbnails. The pages will now all show in a thumbnail view
  3. Select the page you want to delete. If you want to delete multiple, hold the Command button and select each page, or click and drag your mouse over a specific selection
  4. Go to Edit menu and select Delete
  5. Save

5. Reader Plus by ActivePDF (Browser-Based, No Code)

Reader Plus by ActivePDF enables you to drag-and-drop your PDF document directly into your browser for viewing or editing, anywhere and anytime. Besides deleting pages directly from your browser, Reader Plus gives you the ability to add annotations, collaborate with colleagues, edit, highlight, and more. 

Here's an easy step-by-step list to remove unwanted pages in a  PDF file from your browser: 

  1. Visit Reader-Plus.com
  2. Upload your PDF
  3. Click on the 'Page' icon in the toolbar
  4. Select desired page(s) you want to delete
  5. Click on the 'Trash Can' icon in the toolbar
  6. Pages can also be re-arranged by clicking on 'Move Page' in the toolbar
  7. Click on the 'Download' button on the toolbar to Save

Another benefit to Reader Plus is that external applications and plug-ins are not required, as content is rendered accurately and securely behind your organization's firewall. Deploy as is with a white label or further customize your experiences as needed via the Reader Plus SDK for developers. You can also access Reader Plus through DocSpace Online (the free mobile PDF editor by ActivePDF).


Start removing PDF pages now directly from your browser with Reader Plus!

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In Conclusion

Regardless if you're a developer working in C# .NET or an average user working from a browser or a MAC, you have the ability to remove, cut or leave out pages from your PDF document. All you need is the right procedure for your specific needs, working platform, or operating system.

And no matter what industry you work in or the size of your organization, knowing how to remove pages from a PDF file with confidence will increase efficiency, compliancy, and the overall impact of your material.

ActivePDF's support is unsurpassed. If you still need help removing pages from your PDF, reach out to our technology advisers and we'll answer your questions, find solutions, and give you a greater turnaround time than any other company.


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