Given the diverse array of desktop environments used by the University of Michigan (UofM) staff and students, they needed an online solution that would allow information to be available in a universal file format, accessible across different platforms, and a time-saving process.


ActivePDF's Server and DocConverter combine for a powerful process, delivering seamless integration and automation for fast and easy document processing, without clogging up the university's servers.

DocConverter and Server Create Digital Workflow for Staff and Students at University of Michigan

The University of Michigan (U-M) is one of the great public research universities in the United States. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the university enrolls almost 36,000 students annually from over 100 countries around the world.

The U-M Administrative Information Services (MAIS) designs, implements, and supports the university's administrative information systems and processes. Over 7,000 individuals work with these systems daily and require regular access to online training information and materials.


Given the diverse array of desktop environments used by U-M staff and students, online information needed to be made available in a universal file format, accessible across different platforms. The university also required a more time-efficient process for the publication of training materials.

Content developers at the university create training documentation using a variety of different software tools. A staff was specifically hired to manually convert differing file types to PDF for use within the administrative training system. This was an arduous and time-consuming task. Before long, it became obvious that the university required an automated solution to handle the job of converting large volumes of documents to PDF files.



After researching other solutions, U-M chose to implement Server and DocConverter by ActivePDF. Using these server-side automated PDF solutions, content is now created and published for campus users in a matter of minutes (as opposed to hours). With Server and DocConverter, one person can batch-convert high volumes of documents to PDF, then publish them directly for users via MAIS.

The automated process means that the Administrative Information Services Division can now concentrate on producing high-quality content and efficient delivery of documents, rather than dedicating resources to the manual conversion of files to PDF.

The implementation of Server and DocConverter have significantly improved productivity, and because the conversion process is centralized at the server level, it is much easier to administer compared to a client-based solution.

As a result, software training and maintenance costs have been considerably reduced. Without these ActivePDF tools, this transition would have been limited and increasingly less efficient.


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The automation of the conversion process and ease of integration into the MAIS environment were major factors in choosing both Server and DocConverter over other options.

When unexpected technical issues were encountered, ActivePDF's online knowledge base and other support resources proved invaluable on numerous occasions.

“Since introducing ActivePDF into our PDF conversion workflow, converting documents for publication to campus users takes a matter of minutes, compared to the hours it took converting the documents manually,” says David Sweetman, MAIS Application System Administrator. “Increased productivity enables us to focus on the content and delivery of the documents, rather than dedicating resources to the mechanics of converting files."


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