PPR Travel Nursing requires applicants to fill out an online questionnaire in order to be considered for employment at healthcare facilities.

PPR Travel Nursing sought a solution to reduce the workload created through their manual application and form-filling processes.

ActivePDF WebGrabber automates and digitalizes the PPR Travel Nursing application process.

WebGrabber reduces the manual workload of PPR Travel Nursing staff and provides an easy-to-read, user-friendly application process.

WebGrabber Creates Automated Application Processes for PPR Travel Nursing

PPR Travel Nursing is one of six divisions within the PPR Talent Management Group. The company has a long history of placing qualified temporary nurses to positions in hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Much like other temporary job placement agencies, PPR Travel Nursing is responsible for negotiating with the hiring healthcare facility, compiling expense reports, and creating an easy application process for nurses in this specialized field.


Before the nurses are considered for job assignments, potential nursing candidates are required by PPR Travel Nursing to fill out an extensive skills checklist questionnaire. These online form-filled documents have up to 100 different skills assessment questionnaires, each containing up to 500 questions.

When PPR Travel Nursing first started working with online skills questionnaires, the recruiting staff was tasked with compiling the information into a cohesive application form. As a result, the process of matching the questions with the correct answers was an excruciatingly tedious and time-consuming process.

Not only did this antiquated process prove challenging for nursing applicants, it presented a huge challenge for the PPR Travel Nursing staff who were required to sift through hundreds of questions, manually match answers to questions, save the questionnaire locally, and attach it to the candidate’s application on the PPR server.



Searching for a solution that could help both nurses and staff, the PPR Travel Nursing team discovered WebGrabber by ActivePDF.

WebGrabber provides PPR Travel Nursing an automated, easy-to-read, and efficient solution to help nurses form fill and submit their questionnaires quickly and easily. Additionally, with WebGrabber in place, questionnaire retrieval and archiving is pared down to a few simple steps, making the process a snap for both the nurses and the PPR staff.

Once a nursing candidate fills out the questionnaire, all the results are directly stored on the PPR Travel Nursing database. WebGrabber is then used to convert the questionnaire to PDF and stores it on the PPR Travel Nursing server. The PDF file becomes sharable and accessible internally amongst the staff – usually by the recruiter and/or client account manager.

Once the PDF questionnaire is reviewed, it can then be securely sent to the hiring hospital’s Human Resources Department or various accrediting bodies.

When a PPR Travel Nursing staff member visits the nurse’s file, they have the ability to view all their skills checklists, certifications, credentials, licenses, and every other document received from the nurse. With one applicant generating as many as 40 different documents, this option is essential to keeping PPR Travel Nursing document management system well organized, efficient, and user friendly.


WebGrabber is the .NET developer tool to convert webpages or raw HTML files into PDF documents. Try it for free!

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“WebGrabber took only a few hours to implement, easily integrating into our PPR Travel Nursing’s custom .NET application,” says Adam Hartwell, Chief Information Officer at PPR Travel Nursing. “Once a nurse is finished with the questionnaire and clicks ‘Submit,’ the data is compiled and stored on the PPR Travel Nursing server. The nurse candidate is then sent a link to allow them to click back anytime to make minor changes to the form and re-submit if needed.”

ActivePDF’s WebGrabber is a vital component for the PPR Travel Nursing self-assessment questionnaire and recruitment process, doing the heavy lifting for recruiters and client account managers.

“We’re in competition with a lot of companies to get these nurses to work,” adds Hartwell. “Presenting a professional-looking, easy-to-read package is very important. WebGrabber helps us to do that.”


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“We’re in competition with a lot of companies to get these nurses to work. Presenting a professional-looking, easy-to-read package is very important. WebGrabber helps us to do that.”

Adam Hartwell

Chief Information Officer, PPR Travel Nursing