Pacific Life looked to create and share reports involving clients and claims for companies.

This process would be an easier way for their agents, dealers, and brokers to access current and relative information. 

ActivePDF’s WebGrabber enables Pacific Life to deliver this information through a secure extranet while seamlessly integrating it into their existing application.

Overall, ActivePDF created a stable and scalable system that "matched the exact needs of the company."

WebGrabber Provides Pacific Life with a Secure Data Reporting Solution

Pacific Life has a long history of service dating back to 1868. The California-based company provides life and health insurance products, individual annuities, group employee benefits and pension plans, as well as a large variety of investment products and services.

The Pacific Life family of companies manages more than $335 billion in assets, making it one of the largest financial institutions in America, and currently counts more than half of the 100 largest U.S. companies as clients.

Pacific Life currently employs over 15,600 agents licensed to sell insurance, just in the state of California.


Providing many types of insurance policies, Pacific Life sought an easier way for its dealers, brokers and producers to access current and relevant information. They decided that the best delivery method for secure content was an extranet site where representatives in any region could dynamically create reports with current data directly from Pacific Life.

“We wanted to convert documents from native formats to PDF without having to spend a lot of money and time investing in a custom solution using reporting software,” says Kenneth Cox, Senior Programmer/Analyst for the Life Insurance Division.

Pacific Life required a cost-effective reporting solution that leveraged the existing skillsets of its web developers. They felt that a proprietary reporting tool was out of the question because it would take too much valuable time to learn, deploy, and maintain.



After exploring options, the Pacific Life internal IT Department discovered and implemented WebGrabber by ActivePDF. The solution was up and running in no time, delivering the latest information via a secure extranet to all of the company’s Life Insurance representatives.

WebGrabber enables Pacific Life to use existing document formats, eliminating the need for custom coding. Additionally, the small file sizes allow users to connect to the extranet site and download information at a high speed. By implementing WebGrabber, Pacific Life increases a variety of functionalities to their current workflow processes.

“Ultimately, we can be more responsive to changes using WebGrabber with standards-based HTML reporting to produce reports,” adds Cox. “Now, we have complete control over the layout without having to learn a new system.”

WebGrabber is the .NET developer tool to convert webpages or raw HTML files into PDF documents. Try it for free!

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After evaluating other possible solutions, Pacific Life chose ActivePDF’s WebGrabber because it matched the exact needs of the company.

“The products are well documented and the features support all of our planned usage,” states Cox. “Technical support is available for all aspects of the software and the attractive licensing options allow us to make educated decisions to scale up or out.”

Through a scalable product such as WebGrabber, along with a sculpted plan, Pacific Life manages to elevate and expand their current levels of support and technical support stream.

As of this writing, Pacific Life plans to expand its ActivePDF solution. They are testing the use of Toolkit to merge secure encrypted PDFs on-demand. Representatives can then download a block of PDF forms, depending on their security level.


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Randy Kula

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“Ultimately, we can be more responsive to changes using WebGrabber with standards-based HTML reporting to produce reports. Now, we have complete control over the layout without having to learn a new system.”

Kenneth Cox

Sr. Programmer/Analyst, Pacific Life

“ActivePDF support is unsurpassed. We have never worked with a company that has given us a greater turn-around time in answering our questions and finding solutions for our problems.”

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