ONE-EIGHTY CORP.  Uses ActivePDF Solutions to Streamline Operations and Increase Customer Satisfaction by Enabling Real-time Reporting and On-the-fly Document Generation  

ONE-EIGHTY CORP. offers web-based process and systems management software to automotive dealerships throughout Canada. Utilized by over 125 dealerships, ONE-EIGHTY’s DLS Accelerator is a comprehensive application enabling dealers to manage customer relationships, create purchase paperwork and contracts, and generate real-time sales reports from a single interface. 

Streamline Dealership Operations

The daily tasks required to manage an automotive dealership can be overwhelming. Monitoring inventory, merchandising vehicles, tracking sales, maintaining customer relationships, and following up with potential buyers can quickly drain a manager’s resources. Based on its experience working with numerous dealers, the team at ONE-EIGHTY CORP. discerned that dealership managers needed a comprehensive solution to organize critical business information, enabling employees to access pertinent records within a few keystrokes. Additionally, dealers wanted the ability to automate time-consuming tasks such as performance reporting and mass mailings, affording employees more time to focus on customer acquisition and retention.

Create and Change Documents On-the-Fly

In addition to streamlining dealership operations, dealers required a solution that would enable them to quickly deliver contracts to the hands of their customers during the sales process, to help facilitate the purchasing decision. In addition, businesses needed the ability to update purchase paperwork in real-time, as customers’ needs or terms of sale changed. “[We needed the] ability to react fast to client change requests for point of sale and management reporting documents,” recalled AJ Mueller, CEO of ONE-EIGHTY CORP.   

Simplify Development and Support

The development team’s final challenge was to source a solution that would afford them the required dynamic document creation and database integration. As the company planned to support and evolve their product over time, the selected software would need to be flexible and well-established, to help ensure that it would not later become obsolete and require developers to completely re-write their program. 

In 2002, ONE-EIGHTY CORP. developed an all-encompassing automotive dealership management application dubbed DLS Accelerator. Offered in 3 tiers to accommodate various business sizes, DLS Accelerator affords its users numerous customer-facing sales tools and real-time performance reporting through an intuitive, web-based interface. To ensure fast processing as well as cross-platform compatibility, all DLS accelerator out­put is generated as PDF using ActivePDF WebGrabber and Toolkit.

After logging in from a standard (PC) web browser, DLS Accelerator users are able to select from a number of dealership management and reporting options. If a user chooses to create a performance report, Toolkit is used to pull sales and employee information from the dealership’s database and then populate a custom PDF template, quickly delivering the final PDF report to the user’s system. Buyer contracts are also created using Toolkit, by stamping user-entered information onto a PDF contract template located on the ONE-EIGHTY CORP. server, giving dealerships the option to print or electronically distribute the final PDF. 

In addition to its numerous customer management features, DLS Accelerator allows dealerships to send personalized marketing materials and newsletters to their customers with just a few clicks. Emails are created by populating an HTML template on the ONE-EIGHTY CORP. server with names from the dealership’s customer database, sending personalized content to the corresponding customer email addresses. For customers preferring print mailings, WebGrabber is used to convert the original HTML to a high-quality, print-ready PDF, while retaining the look and feel of the original message. 

Since its introduction in 2002, DLS Accelerator has become very popular with automotive dealerships throughout Canada, completely transforming processes and enabling businesses to operate more effectively. With the implementation of ActivePDF solutions, ONE-EIGHTY CORP. has:

  •      Streamlined workflow for over 125 automotive dealerships
  •      Enabled dealerships to deliver important documents to their customers faster           
  •      than ever before
  •      Achieved high levels of customer satisfaction

The benefits of using the custom application have also been made clear among DLS Accelerator customers, with many dealerships reporting a 1000% return on investment. The flexibility of the software solution has also allowed the development team to easily evolve the application according to dealership demands and industry trends, making it a top pick for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. With over 3,000 individual users to date, ONE-EIGHTY CORP. is pleased with the results afforded by the integration of ActivePDF solutions with DLS Accelerator and confident that the combination will continue to be a success. “ActivePDF has been our PDF software partner since 2002,” says Mueller, “they allowed us to put our ideas into practice and we have built our business around their ability to deliver.” 

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