industry: transportation

Case Study: National Health Service 

National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain provides and manages sourcing, delivery, and supply of healthcare products for the UK’s National Health Service. By using a 3rd-party electronic billing service, NHS experienced high expenses and limited functionalities.

Within 48 hours of implementing ActivePDF's Toolkit, the NHS team was able to replicate the electronic billing functionality previously provided by an outside service, while simultaneously cutting cost and labor. NHS has evolved into a self-reliant, fully-functional support and information system, saving money by eliminating a 3rd-party service and improving overall efficiency. 

Key Points:

  • Challenge: Sought to eliminate using an expensive 3rd-party electronic billing service.
  • Solution: Toolkit
  • Results: Eliminated the 3rd party and evolved into a self-reliant, fully functional support and information system, saving money and improving overall efficiency.

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