National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain provides and manages sourcing, delivery, and supply of healthcare products for the UK’s National Health Service.

By using a 3rd-party electronic billing service, NHS experienced high expenses and limited functionalities.



Within 48 hours of implementing ActivePDF's Toolkit, the NHS team was able to replicate the electronic billing functionality previously provided by an outside service, while simultaneously cutting cost and labor. 

NHS has evolved into a self-reliant, fully-functional support and information system, saving money by eliminating a 3rd-party service and improving overall efficiency.

Toolkit Introduces In-House Electronic Billing to the UK’s National Health Service

NHS Supply Chain is operated by DHL and managed by the UK’s National Health Service Business Services Authority. Formerly named NHS Logistics, NHS Supply Chain supports the National Health Service and other healthcare organizations in England and Wales by providing end-to-end supply chain solutions. NHS manages the sourcing, delivery, and supply of healthcare products and food for over 1,000 National Health Service trusts and healthcare organizations.

The company provides a single point of access to over 316,000 nationally available, transactional lines ranging from bandages and sutures to implants and surgical equipment. In addition, NHS provides investment plans for medical capital equipment such as MRI scanners, linear accelerators, and patient monitors.


David Rabjohns, Information Systems Manager at NHS reporting to the Finance and Performance Department, manages a small development team whose primary role is to provide and support systems to disseminate management information both internally (within the National Health Service) and externally (hospitals and healthcare centers). “We are essentially a development resource,” says Rabjohns. “Our main aim is to provide efficient and accurate information systems.”

Due to high expenses and limited functionality, NHS sought to move away from using external electronic billing providers. These limited services were a large barrier in the evolution of support and information systems within the National Health Service.



Rabjohns was approached by senior management to perform this task in-house in a more effective and cost efficient manner. After investigating and testing a number of products, including PDFLib, FOP, and text2PDF, Rabjohns decided to implement Toolkit by ActivePDF.

“In a short time, I investigated and downloaded Toolkit and within 48 hours I had replicated the basic nuts and bolts of our previous electronic billing offering,” states Rabjohns.

As an integral part of the National Health Service, NHS Supply Chain needed a solid solution only Toolkit could offer, enabling them to support the main supply channel for consumable products, and work with trusts and other health-related bodies to expand and optimize the volume throughout the health organization’s channel.

Additionally, NHS Supply Chain now works internally to assist the National Health Service in pinpointing opportunities to synchronize their own internal supply channels to realize efficiencies and cost savings.


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“The overall benefit is that we can very easily and quickly reproduce our current electronic billing service,” says Rabjohns. “We were previously paying a 3rd party to deliver this for us at considerable cost. Toolkit allows us to create PDF documents on the fly with the information directly from our database.”

By eliminating their previous 3rd-party electronic billing service, NHS Supply Chain continues to save a considerable amount of time and money.

“Out of all the other PDF tools investigated, ActivePDF Toolkit enabled me to do what I wanted in the shortest amount of time,” says Rabjohns. “The functionalities available in Toolkit and its very reasonable price tag made my decision much easier in choosing a PDF tool to suit the needs of NHS Supply Chain.”


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What People are Saying

"In a short time, I investigated and downloaded Toolkit and within 48 hours I had replicated the basic nuts and bolts of our previous electronic billing offering."

David Rabjohns

Information Systems Manager, NHS Supply Chain

"Toolkit is the one solution that does everything a developer needs to create, manipulate, and print PDF files within the .NET environment."

Rob Pesce

Sr. Systems Architect, NCA Group

“Implementing Toolkit was really easy to do. In fact, I only needed to read the sample, try the options, and create the template."

David Acuña

System Analyst, Beroni Informática

"We have been successful in implementing batch and UI programs where we need to manage, modify and create PDF files."


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