National Catastrophe Adjusters (NCA) Group supports insurance companies after large natural disasters.

NCA Group needed a streamlined process to quickly and efficiently manage a large influx of documents in a short period of time. The documents also needed to be merged into standardized PDF Files.

ActivePDF enables NCA Group to merge multiple documents into a single PDF file, implement server-side processing, and more.

The NCA now has access to a time-efficient and automated process that caters to the specific needs of their group.

Toolkit Expedites Insurance Claims for NCA Group to Assist Natural Disaster Victims

One of the leading independent adjusting firms, National Catastrophe Adjusters Group Inc. (NCA Group), provides staff and services to support property insurers after major catastrophes such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Privately held, NCA Group holds contracts with major insurance carriers to provide post-catastrophe property adjusting services. In addition, NCA Group supplements the claim departments of other clients by acting as a 3rd-party administrator for incoming claims. NCA Group is focused on providing its clients exceptional service while maintaining its technological edge.


Under normal circumstances, where one or two customers might be impacted, insurance agencies generally have no problem in responding to the situation at hand using their staff of full-time field agents. However, when such events reach catastrophic proportions, affecting hundreds to thousands of individuals, families, and businesses, most insurance carriers cannot maintain sufficient staff levels to handle the increased workload and resources required.

NCA Group required a streamlined process to efficiently manage the proliferation of insurance documents created within a short time. Selecting PDF as the format of choice due to its inherent ubiquity and document fidelity features, NCA Group quickly looked to standardize its PDF creation process.



As a first step, NCA Group identified the requirement to merge multiple PDF documents related to a victim’s claim into a single PDF file that could be stored on the NCA Group servers.

The insurance carrier could then easily download the final PDF from the NCA Group website to their in-house systems, where employees could access and print a single PDF containing all information necessary to process a victim’s claim.

Rob Pesce, Senior Systems Architect for NCA Group, began investigating potential tools to perform server-side PDF merging. After careful investigation, Toolkit by ActivePDF was selected as the solution that best met NCA Group’s needs.

“Toolkit was the only solution we found that allows us to merge multiple documents into one PDF,” stated Pesce. “We evaluated other products that could create documents, split documents, and so forth, but we could find no other product that allowed us to merge multiple PDFs into one PDF as easily as with Toolkit. Additionally, integration into the .NET environment was a huge plus.”

Pesce’s team quickly developed an ASP.NET application enabling insurance carriers to select all of the PDF files created and merge them into a single PDF which could then be displayed in the client’s browser for printing to a local printer. After printing, both single and merged PDF files are moved to a directory on NCA Group’s storage server for archiving.

In a surprising twist, NCA Group discovered another use for Toolkit. “When a new adjuster was assigned to a victim’s claim, we needed to generate a PDF that informed the insured who their adjuster was,” noted Pesce. “In the new system, upon receiving an XML file from the claim distribution center, Toolkit is used to generate a PDF containing the adjuster’s contact details and other pertinent information.”


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The introduction of Toolkit’s PDF-merging functionality for claims processing has completely replaced the time-intensive manual process and alleviated any potential bottlenecks.

Now, insurance carriers can instantly access an electronic record of the victim’s claim information, rather than waiting days for paper copies to be delivered.

“By using Toolkit, we get all the PDF tools we need in one package,” concludes Pesce. “I would say that ActivePDF Toolkit is the one solution that does everything a developer needs to create, manipulate, and print PDF files within the .NET environment.”


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