Field agents at Nationwide Insurance were manually converting Microsoft® Word files containing form fields to PDF.

ActivePDF provided Nationwide the tools to convert and automate large volumes of Word docs to PDF while supporting the integrity of submitted form fields.


Thanks to DocConverter by ActivePDF, Nationwide is now able to automate PDF creation, saving agents months of manual labor.

DocConverter Saves Nationwide Insurance Months of PDF Creation Time

Since 1925, Nationwide has been a leader in the financial services industry. As one of America’s largest insurance and financial service providers, Nationwide protects customer vehicles, homes, businesses, and is also one of the nation’s largest life insurers and providers of individual variable annuities.

A Fortune 500 company, Nationwide employs over 35,000 insurance professionals, servicing more than 16 million insurance policies across the United States and around the globe.


Timothy Jones, a web applications developer at Nationwide, was looking for a method to convert Microsoft® Word documents into PDF files. In the past, Nationwide required their field agents to install and use Microsoft Office and Adobe® Acrobat on their computers.

Nationwide was in need of a conversion program, either an off-the-shelf or in-house application, that would expedite the process of high-volume document conversion, instead of agents manually creating PDF documents one by one. They identified an average of over 60 documents with a range of 150 to 2,000 form fields per document. Initial estimates indicated that it would take one person over six months to create theses PDF documents as required.

“The real problem was converting Word documents containing form fields not supported by Adobe PDF Writer,” stated Jones. “We were left with the prospect of creating the PDF documents manually. Initially, it seemed that no 3rd-party application supported this process.”



After more in-depth research, Jones and his team discovered that DocConverter by ActivePDF expertly supports automated form-field conversion.

“We downloaded a trial version of DocConverter and an ActivePDF support tech was able to guide me in implementing and using the product,” says Jones. “Remember, this was support for a demo version only, which is increasingly rare in this business.”

Within a short time of downloading DocConverter, Jones successfully converted a Word document to PDF with all form fields intact.

“This will undoubtedly save over six months of development time based on analytical work of creating PDF files manually from scratch,” adds Jones. “We also had other application areas that relied heavily on Word documents and faced similar problems in conversion. We introduced other ActivePDF solutions to help solve these problems as well.”


 DocConverter is a powerful C# .NET SDK to convert high volumes of files to and from PDF. Try it for free today! 

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“Personally, I am not a PDF or desktop publisher but rather a web application developer,” states Jones. “I found DocConverter to be a user-friendly, yet powerful application that no company should be without. Whether you are performing conversion from Word or a host of other document formats, or simply looking to reduce costs by switching to digital documents, ActivePDF should handle the task brilliantly.”

In conclusion, Jones states – “I don’t mean this to sound like an infomercial, but I am truly grateful for the support I received, the results of the application and the simplicity of the solution that solved our dilemma. ActivePDF has worked seamlessly into the Nationwide business model. The time-saving automation and price-effective operations have made Nationwide a returning customer and forms the basis for a lasting partnership."


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What People are Saying

“Producing a PDF from a Word file takes less than two seconds. Despite the high volume of documents created, the entire process is complete in just four seconds."

Giorgio Moioli

Senior Analyst Developer, EurizonVita

"Whether you are performing conversion from Word or a host of other document formats, or simply looking to reduce costs by switching to digital documents, ActivePDF should handle the task brilliantly.”

Timothy Jones

Web Applications Developer, Nationwide

“Implementing Toolkit was really easy to do. In fact, I only needed to read the sample, try the options, and create the template."

David Acuña

System Analyst, Beroni Informática

"In a short time, I investigated and downloaded Toolkit and within 48 hours I had replicated the basic nuts and bolts of our previous electronic billing offering."

David Rabjohns

Information Systems Manager, NHS Supply Chain