Mazda was looking to assist dealerships with development and field applications in a web-based environment.

They implemented ActivePDF products to convert Microsoft® Word and Excel files to PDF, as well as merge multiple components into one PDF.



This automated process helps to innovate the connection between Mazda dealerships and applicants, providing ease-of-use and increased customer satisfaction.

Toolkit and DocConverter Delivers Digital Transformation to Mazda North America

Mazda Motor Corporation, headquartered in Japan, manufactures a diverse line of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Mazda’s vision is to create new value for customers and produce the best automotive products and services.

Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) constitutes the largest component of the Mazda Corporation outside of Japan. Headquartered in Irvine, California, MNAO is responsible for the sales, marketing, customer parts, and services support of Mazda vehicles in the United States. This includes the development of all domestic dealership systems, both legacy and client servers.


MNAO was looking to assist dealership development and field applications in a web-based environment. In order to do this, they needed to implement a highly efficient user-friendly online Dealer Package Processing system.

The end users of this system would include North American-based Mazda Corporate Dealer Development, Mazda Regional Dealer Development, and any applicants with access, including accountants, lawyers, clerks, etc.

Hundreds of dealers throughout the country would typically be required to complete anywhere from 15 to 150 custom forms. These forms were typically created in Microsoft® Word or Microsoft Excel. Mazda needed to find a way to automate a manual non-structured approach to data collection, while presenting and distributing the information in a universal file format.



Mazda successfully implemented an online web-based system using two of ActivePDF’s most popular products: DocConverter to dynamically convert Word and Excel documents to PDF; and Toolkit to merge multiple files into one PDF document. Microsoft Visual Basic is the main component used as the wrapper of the Toolkit object.

Mazda dealers and applicants are then granted a password and user ID to enter the Dealer Package System named MIDAS (Mazda Internet Dealer Application System). Once in the system, they can either view individual documents online or create the entire package at once, which combines all the documents, plus a tracking document.

“We developed a DLL exposing our custom calling API’s to ASP pages that instantiate the DLL and hence, create our PDF files as either file based or memory streamed,” says Jeff Stumpf, Technology Consultant at MNAO.

“This allows us to build a file-based PDF for the final production and assembly of about 30 individual PDF files,” adds Stumpf. “These are then created individually, then merged into one deliverable file that has bookmarks of the individual documents.”


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“The flexibility to adopt the COM interface as either a web-based ASP application or an internal Visual Basic application was one of the main reasons we chose ActivePDF to complete the task at hand,” states Stumpf. “We were looking specifically for simple database integration into a final PDF document. Of course, cost played another major role in our decision to go with ActivePDF.”

Stumpf concludes, “If you or a member of your organization is familiar with Visual Basic, C++, etc., then this product will get implemented with ease. It comes with examples and good documentation and will get the right person on track in a short period of time.

“I based my job on these products and they did as promised – they delivered.”


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