Uses ActivePDF Solutions to Eliminate Paper Waste and Simplify Accounting Procedures for Over 2,500 Companies Worldwide

Serving more than 2,500 customers in 20 different countries, is a leading global provider of ePayables services. Specializing in customized web-based solutions, helps companies streamline accounting operations and eliminate paper waste through the automation of invoicing processes which can be tailored to the unique needs of each business.

On-Demand Online Invoice Generation

In 1999, introduced a web-based ePayables solution designed to simplify accounting operations, reducing client operating costs by replacing traditional paper-based invoicing methods with an electronic workflow. From inception, the application allowed clients to upload purchase orders to the server, either manually via the web or automatically using a customized file monitoring system. The purchase order data was then extracted from the native format, and used to populate the required invoicing documents which clients could access securely in both HTML and PDF formats from the website via a standard browser.  

Reliable HTML to PDF Conversion

The original solution employed Corda® Highwire, a 3rd-party server-side HTML to PDF conversion tool that had been integrated into the ePayables application to convert the HTML invoices to PDF. In the development environment, Highwire had seemed satisfactory, meeting the team’s expectations in terms of performance while outputting PDFs which retained the desired formatting. However, shortly after release, the Highwire service began to experience crashes and hangs, typically requiring restart of services or other manual intervention. In other cases, the problems were more severe, causing the service to be down for a number of hours while developers worked to find a resolution. These delays became increasingly frustrating for customers, who required notification once the service was back online in order to re-generate their invoices. In addition to the loss of productivity experienced by its customers, was disappointed by the high overhead associated with the HighWire solution, in the cost of maintaining and supporting the software as well as lost productivity dealing with customer support issues. The team needed a robust, stable solution that would provide the same quality of output, while reducing the ongoing maintenance and support required.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

The search for a new HTML to PDF conversion solution became even more urgent when Corda announced a significant price increase. “Licensing costs were about to triple,” recalled Randy Kula, Software Developer for Compounded by the projected ongoing maintenance and support expenses, the dramatic increase in licensing fees meant an unacceptable total cost of ownership, and consequently, a lower profit margin from the ePayables solution. “We needed to find a replacement that was fast and easy to integrate.” With customer complaints mounting and the price increase looming, the new PDF solution needed to be robust and flexible, with a very short learning curve, allowing for both a seamless transition and speedy implementation.

Following a brief product search, the team at downloaded and installed a fully-functional trial version of ActivePDF WebGrabber. “Once we found WebGrabber, we didn’t need to look any further,” stated Kula, citing that not only did WebGrabber match Highwire feature for feature, but it offered more stability at a lower price, “the cost of the ActivePDF solution is less than the initial cost using Corda Highwire.” Shortly after purchasing WebGrabber, the development team was able to completely replace their existing functionality with a more reliable solution, as well as introduce some enhancements to the HTML to PDF conversion functionality of their invoicing system.

As with the original application, all invoicing documents are generated from purchase orders submitted by the customer, and are accessible in HTML format on the website. Each HTML invoice includes a ‘Create PDF’ button which submits the page for conversion, providing users the ability to quickly generate a portable version for local saving or printing. Upon submission, WebGrabber converts the invoice to PDF on the fly and the final PDF is delivered to the user’s browser for printing or offline storage. In addition to providing this basic functionality, the team has also used WebGrabber to add customized headers containing order information and dynamic page numbering, improving document tracking and overall usability.’s ePayables solution has enabled thousands of companies worldwide to improve bottom-line operations by eliminating paper waste and streamlining accounting processes. With the implementation of WebGrabber, has improved its ePayables offering by:
  • Reducing total cost of ownership and improving total ROI from its software
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by providing a more reliable dynamic PDF generation solution
  • Reducing the development time and resources required to maintain their application
The solution using WebGrabber has met all of’s requirements, allowing developers to quickly implement the software, with little additional maintenance required. “Integration to our systems was painless and installation was simple,” cites Kula, adding, “since installation, our system issues and maintenance have been reduced to basically nothing.” With less time spent troubleshooting software issues, the team now has more time to dedicate to developing new ePayables solutions for their customers. “Now we just let ActivePDF do its thing, while we focus our attention on other tasks,” says Kula, “I recommend ActivePDF to anyone who needs a PDF solution.”