ActivePDF Tools Dynamically Generate Custom Diagnosis Reports, Increasing Customer Satisfaction  

Company Overview 

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services with a history dating back to 1939. Today they are venturing into E-Services, while they continue to innovate in every technology based market. 

Business Challenge 

HP’s online support group works to improve the customer experience by developing creative approaches to technical support. Merijane Lee, Manager of Online Support R&D, reports a move to a web based model of support to empower customers. 

One of the support group’s latest projects is a web based “consultant” that assists customers by providing information specific to their technical issue. The consultant gathers information from the customer to diagnose the issue, then returns pertinent resolution information to the customer. The support group needed an automated solution to produce PDFs from multiple input sources for delivery to customers. 

ActivePDF Solution 

HP’s support group uses ActivePDF software products to automate the compilation of support infor­mation from multiple sources, into a single PDF report. The comprehensive report is delivered to the customer via email. 

The support group also uses the report as a tool to further assist customers that require follow-up support. The report enables the support team to access information related to the customer’s issue, which speeds resolution time. 

Why they chose ActivePDF 

HP’s support group knew just what they wanted in a PDF solution. Lee says “ActivePDF provides an automated solution that allows multiple users to create PDFs.” The support group is able to create high quality PDFs from multiple input sources using ActivePDF. HP customers wouldn’t expect anything less.