d-flo Limited provides communications solutions for various organizations within the travel industry.

TravelComms  by d-flo Limited is a reliable digital communications solution specifically for travel companies and agencies.

ActivePDF Server is the main component for this unique travel communications platform.

Travel companies throughout the world are increasingly adopting TravelComms to provide travelers with accurate, accessible, and printable travel itineraries.


ActivePDF and d-flo Limited Revolutionize Travel Communications

In 2014, d-flo Limited launched a unique travel communications platform, TravelComms, to help travel companies automate their documentation processes while managing their customer’s personalized travel plans.

Providing rich and relevant travel communications, TravelComms was quickly recognized as an innovator within the travel industry, increasing brand engagement, enhancing customer experience, while driving up-sales and repeat-sales revenue.


In the past, travelers often found themselves on their own when it came to organizing and managing their journeys. Today, travelers have the option of turning to specialized travel companies and agencies to help organize agendas, timetables, and other travel booking needs. However, the main challenge for travel companies is providing customers worldwide with accurate, personalized, easily accessible, and printable travel itineraries.

d-flo Limited recognized this challenge and sought to create a versatile digital solution. The d-flo Limited team decided that they needed to develop a solution that would help travel companies bring customers robust, rich, and reliable information for high-quality travel experiences.

What they needed to complete the TravelComms platform was a rock-solid PDF solution that would help them achieve their vision for this unique travel platform, and complete their digital transformation journey.



After extensive research, d-flo Limited decided to build their travel communications platform, TravelComms, around Server by ActivePDF. Deeply embedded within TravelComms, Server provides travelers with their transactional communications in a reliable and robust PDF format.

“There are other tools out there that create PDF-to-print documents, but we needed something that was simple to implement, configure, and reliable in its output,” says d-flo Limited Co-Founder and Business Development Director, Colin Brimson. “It was essential for us that the generated PDF files were of high integrity and extreme accuracy for both customer use, and for long-term regulatory record storage.”

TravelComms is redefining transactional communications within the travel industry providing rich, relevant and meaningful content. ActivePDF Server is an intrinsic element to the solution, providing a robust, reliable server-side solution creating high-quality PDF documents.


Server is the easy-to-integrate print-to-PDF enterprise application for converting anything printable to PDF

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Agnostic and independent, TravelComms takes the booking data from the Customer Reservations Systems (CRS) and combines with additional content from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Content Management Systems (CMS), and other third-party cloud-based providers to create personalized and relevant travel communications.

The communications generated are typically delivered to customers through responsive emails attached with detailed PDF documents. Alternatively, to meet the needs of traditionalists, the travel documents may be printed and dispatched through traditional mail delivery. In parallel, copies of all communications are electronically stored in TravelComms’ Content Center, providing both long-term record retention and secure customer self-service from the travel company’s website or portal.

Travel companies that have adopted the TravelComms platform include the specialist rail-based operator, Great Rail Journeys, and the leading active vacations provider, Neilson Active Holidays.

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