Commerce Advisory Group (CAG) provides invoice solutions to thousands of businesses throughout the United States.

CAG looked for an alternative to paper mailings that would allow end customers to view invoices, without logging onto a website.

After implementing WebGrabber by ActivePDF, CAG redesigned their invoice notification system, creating PDF-generated versions of end customers’ invoices.

CAG integrated HTML-to-PDF functionality into their existing application, saving on paper costs, and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Commerce Advisory Group Implements WebGrabber to Generate PDF Invoices

Commerce Advisory Group (CAG) provides custom web-based credit card and invoicing solutions.

Providing services to businesses throughout the United States, including several Fortune 1000 companies, CAG is assists their clients in driving both top and bottom line results, while ensuring overall customer satisfaction.


CAG provides solutions enabling companies to invoice and receive payments from end customers through a secure web interface. Although the web-based application is customized to work with each company’s existing order-to-payment process, the invoicing process is virtually the same for all CAG clients.

Rather than just adding a basic email notification system, CAG saw this as a good opportunity to eliminate the paper mailings and move to a completely electronic invoicing system, both conserving resources and improving client satisfaction.

However, CAG quickly found that many end customers still preferred to pay using a method other than the secure portal, such as by phone or by keeping a running balance. CAG faced the challenge of finding an alternative to paper mailings that would allow end customers to view invoices without logging onto a website. CAG needed a server-side solution that would enable them to convert HTML invoices into ready-to-distribute PDF files.



While their conversion requirements were simple, CAG had difficulties finding a product that could easily integrate into their existing infrastructure.

“None of the products evaluated were easy to use,” says CAG Founder Steve Ho. “Besides that, the new solution would need to be implemented quickly in order to ensure client satisfaction.”

After evaluating a number of HTML-to-PDF conversion tools, the developers at CAG soon discovered WebGrabber by ActivePDF. After reviewing the product’s feature list and documentation, the team began redesigning their invoice notification system within one day of obtaining the software.

The invoicing procedure for CAG clients has remained almost completely unchanged, allowing them to continue creating and managing invoices from the secure, easy-to-use web interface. When a new invoice is created, the data is still transmitted to the CAG server and used to populate an HTML template. Rather than printing the resultant page, the HTML is dynamically converted using ActivePDF WebGrabber, generating a PDF version of the invoice.

The PDF invoice is then instantly and automatically emailed as an attachment to the appropriate end customer using the email information from the client’s database. A “Generate PDF” feature has also been added to the web-based applications, allowing end customers to convert any invoice on file to PDF for printing or local storage.


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By implementing ActivePDF WebGrabber, CAG has transformed invoicing procedures for clients throughout the country. With the use of WebGrabber, CAG has:

  • Significantly increased client satisfaction through faster service
  • Eliminated paper waste and mailing delays
  • Quickly integrated HTML-to-PDF conversion functionalities into an existing application

CAG clients can now ensure their invoices are received by their end customers the same day they are created, allowing them to avoid delays in receiving payment due to transit time.

“Our competitors claimed that they could integrate the same functionality, but it would take a big IT re-engineering project,” adds Ho. “We implemented WebGrabber into our existing applications, delivering the working solution to our clients in less than 24 hours.”

CAG has also experienced the added benefit of eliminating the paper waste and costs associated with printing and mailing invoices, saving them countless resources.

“ActivePDF WebGrabber is easy to integrate, reliable, and stable," concludes Ho.


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