With over 91 locations, Buurtslagers managers had a challenge distributing company-wide information.

They implemented a new system using ActivePDF's DocConverter that provides the ability to easily send documents to each of its locations – with no user intervention, and a small workload placed on their server.

DocConverter quickly converts and transmits PDF documents across locations providing a high level of automation and reliability.

This newly reliable and cost-efficient communication system has reduced strain on the company and results in faster, more efficient store management.

DocConverter Streamlines Communication Processing for Belgium’s Buurtslagers

Buurtslagers is a large independent chain of butcher shops in Belgium.

Founded in 1991 as a collaboration between three small butcheries, Buurtslagers has expanded to 91 shops throughout the country and now comprises numerous sales points in several of the most popular supermarket chains.


Buurtslagers needed a way to streamline the communication of important information, such as price changes and payroll reports, between their distribution center and the growing number of stores that are spread across Belgium.

The Buurtslagers’ IT team implemented a printing process that required large amounts of data transfer daily. However, the results were not always accurate. Also, due to the high bandwidth required, the print jobs could only be sent after closing each night, when the distribution center computer had no other tasks to perform.

Buurtslagers needed a low-bandwidth process for getting important documents to their working locations. They selected PDF due to its high print quality and the widespread availability of PDF viewers.

It was also clear that a server-side solution was necessary to keep costs and maintenance at a minimum. The IT team began searching for a server-side solution that would allow Buurtslagers to automatically convert important documents to PDF and distribute them to each of their stores, distribution centers, and supermarket chains.



In their search, Buurtslagers’ IT team evaluated a number of server-side products, many falling short of the needed requirements. “Other products slowed down after a few hours and were sometimes unstable,” says Burrtslagers’ consultant David Lievrouw, Software Architect at Result-IT.

Many of Buurtslagers’ documents are created as RTF files, then modified for internal use and given unique file extensions. Lievrouw added that the products evaluated could only recognize and convert a handful of file types and therefore would fail when it came to their modified RTF files.

After thourough testing, Lievrouw’s team decided on DocConverter by ActivePDF. “DocConverter is stable and does not slow down after a while, like the others we evaluated,” adds Lievrouw. “The availability of support services also contributed to our selection of DocConverter.”

“DocConverter is easily configurable and does not interpret files based on the extension, but rather on the file data,” explains Lievrouw. “By looking at not only the file extension, but also text strings within the document and the document type’s unique binary identifier, DocConverter is able to select the best processor for each document and ensure compatibility with a wide range of file extensions.”

Designed for high-volume environments and licensed per server rather than per user or per document, DocConverter provides the Buurtslagers team with the exact features they need at a reasonable cost.


 DocConverter is a powerful C# .NET SDK to convert high volumes of files to and from PDF. Try it for free today! 

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The new system has enabled Buurtslagers to easily send documents to each of its 91 locations with no user intervention. With a small workload placed on their server and distribution center computers, important communications can now be sent throughout the day at a moment’s notice, without fear of printer failures or slowed operations.

The DocConverter solution led to a significant reduction in the bandwidth required to send communications by allowing for local printing, while keeping the process simple and automated.

The Buurtslagers distribution center and stores are happy with the more reliable communication system provided with the implementation of DocConverter.

By reducing the strain put on the company’s network, printer failures due to timeouts have been virtually eliminated.

In the event of a processing failure, the new process of delivering files to each store’s computer also allows for on-screen viewing or re-printing, so there is never missed information.


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“DocConverter is easily configurable and does not interpret files based on the extension, but rather on the file data."

David Lievrouw

Software Architect, Result-IT

“I found DocConverter to be a user-friendly, yet powerful application that no company should be without."

Timothy Jones

Web Applications Developer, Nationwide

"Server (by ActivePDF) is fast, efficient, stable, and robust."

Giorgio Moioli

Sr Analyst Developer, EurizonVita

"ActivePDF's Server is a more complete and sophisticated solution than anything else I evaluated."

John Kuhn

Sr. Programmer, Downey Regional Medical Center