How Converting HTML to PDF Streamlines Digital Transformation

By ActivePDF - August 10, 2018


"Digital Transformation" has become the rally call for most businesses today. However, whether you’re a developer, product manager, IT Admin, CIO, CTO, or CEO, you know that digital transformation means more than simply pushing all content online. It’s about implementing smart automation that fits the needs of your organization, your clients, and their end customers.

One interesting way to do this is by streamlining your workflow processes by converting HTML to PDF. Whether it be data-entry automation or form-filling capture, the ability to quickly and easily convert HTML to PDF offers unmatched auditing capabilities and will help you on your way to achieving complete digital transformation.

Why Convert HTML to PDF?

Why would you ever want to convert your online data to PDF?

Let’s start with the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of data online. Applications, reports, forms, and much more. By converting HTML data to PDF files, organizations have the ability to maximize effectiveness in many ways.

Here are just a few:

Reduce Labor Costs

Many organizations are still hiring staff to perform manual data entry. This process creates a tedious, time-consuming workload that can skyrocket labor costs – not to mention, the bottleneck it sometimes creates in the workflow process.

According to, if one employee working at $20 dollars an hour spends one hour every work day filling out forms or performing manual data entry, it can cost the company roughly 250 hours and up to $6,000 dollars a year. By integrating software such as WebGrabber for example, that same data can be extracted from its web source (HTML or URL), converted to PDF, and automated into a streamlined digital workflow. Not only is this a quick and easy solution, it’s trackable, easily monitored, and reduces human error, while providing a high-fidelity representation of that user's 1:1 experience.

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That leads us to our next topic…

Minimize Errors and Maximize Effectivness

Unfortunately, as with any manual process, comes the reality of human error.

Inaccuracies may corrupt the entirety of a business process, waste time, cost money, and lose trustworthiness. Whether its data entry, form-filling applications, or delivering invoices, when data is automated, it takes away the risk of errors that are almost inevitable when processed by an employee, regardless of how dedicated they are. "Things" happen.

Integrate Data

Many companies still heavily rely on paper documents.

In fact, according to – “85% of business documents are in paper form.” As a digital transformation company, ActivePDF is already lowering that statistic as new companies come on board.

Businesses today are looking for alternatives to paper waste, human error, and scattered or lost documents. By integrating an HTML-to-PDF workflow process, companies have the ability to grab data from multiple HTML or URL sources and merge them into one PDF file. This is what effective and efficient streamlining is all about.

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How to Convert HTML to PDF

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Eliminate Material Costs

The core of digital transformation is to save time, money, and also the planet!

Paper documents, printing materials, mailing processes, and all other paper-related operations increase costs and affects all aspects of an organization’s bottom line.

Converting HTML to PDF eliminates the constant need to print, mail, or add to the wastepaper basket. A solution such as WebGrabber is a trustworthy investment that functions as a cost saver and environmental protector. What’s better than that?

For a complete HTML-to-PDF experience that integrates quickly and easily into your existing workflow application, contact one of our knowledgeable technology advisors today!

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