Convert PDF with 5 Unknown DocConverter Features

By Patty La Bella - June 27, 2018


Whether you’re currently using DocConverter for your server-side PDF conversion needs or if you are trying out its awesome functionalities, you’re already probably aware that you can convert upwards of millions of files to and from PDF and PDF/A in just mere minutes.

As with all of ActivePDF’s digital transformation solutions and PDF tools, DocConverter also includes a few features that you may not realize you have available at your fingertips. 

Here are 5 DocConverter features for PDF conversion that you may not know about:

1. Conversion Scheduling

You can integrate document conversion into your existing backend applications, or use Configuration Manager to create Watch Folders for simple drag-and-drop PDF file conversions. Using Configuration Manager, you may also set up a schedule and a duration time to run conversions, and configure watermarks to add images or text to your output PDF files.

2. Work with HTTPS

When working in the COM environment, the new “UseSecureConnection” property enables you to use HTTPS for secure connections.

See the DocConverter Reference Guide for more details.


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3. Combine Image Files

When converting PDF files to images, combine the output images into one image file. By default, PDF to IMG conversions create a single image file for each PDF page. Another handy feature in DocConverter, allows you to use “ToImageStitchPages” to combine all the PDF pages into a single output image file, with the choice of stitching them together vertically or horizontally.

4. Extract Digital Signature Details

DocConverter includes the ability to extract digital signature details from emails. With this feature, users can easily extract and store the signature certificate, saving contact entries for later use or archiving.


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5. Convert Excel Files to PDF

DocConverter enables you to convert .xls/.xlsx files as PDF/PDFA. Fast, flexible and reliable, DocConverter enables users to quickly convert Excel to PDF without additional cost. Quickly transform your Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets into PDF documents for easy sharing, editing, and storage.


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