4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best PDF Viewer and Editor Software

By ActivePDF - March 06, 2019


Choosing the right PDF viewer and editor for your business and clients to collaborate with can easily become a daunting task without the right partner in your corner, mainly because the market is saturated with free PDF software providers. However, when you need quality, speed, and ease-of-use for editing or viewing PDF files in a high-volume environment, your search comes to an end with Reader Plus by ActivePDF. Here are the four main things to consider when choosing which PDF viewer and PDF editor software to deploy.

With so many PDF software solution options available, where do we start?

Here are the four main things to consider when searching for software solutions on how to edit a PDF or how to view a PDF:

1. 'The Best' PDF Viewer & Editor Software

Is it the best PDF software? How does it compare against the others?

These questions are always subjective, yet important to consider when thinking about brand legitimacy. The challenges with PDF remain the same but the business requirements are always unique to each organization so, "the best," means nothing unless this software solution accomplishes what you need. If that software has been proven and meets your needs, then buy it.

Most people believe that, "the best," includes all of the above: quality, speed, and powerful features. However, with other solutions, you're going to have to make a tradeoff.

Are you willing to trade speed for quality... or would you trade quality for speed? Would you trade performance for more features?

You can stress between the choices, or just get the one solution that does it all without sacrificing anything.

After working with our clients and partners for 20 years, the ActivePDF team of engineers recognized these pains a long time ago and built a solution that brings peace-of-mind to a once-weary subject where you no longer have to make a sacrifice to get quality, speed, and powerful features. 

With Reader Plus, anybody can work with a PDF viewer and editor from virtually anywhere in the world while still providing a robust, secure, and customizable experience that allows you to view and edit PDF files directly from your browser, without software.

2. High-Speed PDF Viewing

Is this PDF software built for speed and performance?

Today's expectations for instant electronic collaboration and PDF delivery permeates entire organizations and their clients. It's imperative that your solution is ready to serve thousands or millions on demand.

Reader Plus by ActivePDF is the industry-leading browser-based PDF software solution that enables internal teams and external clients to collaborate with PDF inside of existing applications without ever having to download any software. Thousands or millions of people can instantly start collaborating with PDF with just four lines of code. Deploy once and done!

Built for speed, Reader Plus is designed to handle a large amount of users, immediately delivering high level performance and scalability. Compatible with most web browsers, Reader Plus makes it easy to extend high-speed PDF viewing throughout your whole organization or to your clients who work online within your SaaS and PaaS environments.

Reader Plus is a server-based PDF reader and editor with a customizable user interface that allows end users to view, edit and interact with PDF files. Like many of ActivePDF products, Reader Plus gives you the option to select the default User Interface (UI), or customize it to fit your branding.

3. Customized PDF Software & Edits 

Does it provide all of the viewing and editing tools that I need to get the job done as fast as possible every time?

Many people don't take full advantage of everything that PDF can truly do. However, it's important to consider which features are important to your team when making the right decision. Some PDF software providers don't provide a full list of features and refuse to promote compatibility across platforms. 

When you select a proven browser-based PDF viewer and editor like Reader Plus, it's easy because everything is included:

  • Easily add annotations such as sticky notes, shapes, text, highlight, lines, and more. 
  • Sign and approve documents with electronic signatures on the go.
  • Embed full PDF functionality inside of your existing software window with all features.
  • Choose different languages and easily toggle between them as needed. 
  • Manipulate the default UI to your liking - adding buttons, hiding elements, colors, logos, etc.

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4. Controlled PDF Security 

Do I have full control over the PDF software application and what the users experience?

Yes and no! Without available APIs like Reader Plus has, many developers and technical experts become frustrated when they realize their favorite choice cannot meet the business requirements. Many providers don't allow for deeper customization, or they make tweaking the PDF software extremely tedious so you get locked into overly-engineered builds for very simple problems.

Reader Plus enables the use of editable objects in the cloud, while maintaining a high level of document security. Users have the ability to ‘lock down’ files, remove the print button or disable printing, making Reader Plus more secure than most desktop PDF readers. Reader Plus hosts the PDF documents from behind your company’s firewall, protecting confidential documents from unauthorized distribution or tampering.

Quick-Look Benefits:

  • Browser-based viewing and editing
  • Server-based, so one license is all you need!
  • Secure because it’s centralized on a server
  • PDF files can be ‘locked down’ and disabled from printing and downloading
  • Customize the UI or use ‘out of the box’ with default settings
  • Make changes to PDF files while retaining previous versions

Is Reader Plus the Right PDF Viewer & Editor for You?

Are there great PDF software solutions available for both every day PDF collaboration and more advanced SDK deployments amongst technical minds?


Do they all combine quality, speed, and features in one easy-to-deploy PDF software solution?


There are millions of satisfied end users who work with and depend upon ActivePDF's technology without ever knowing it. Professionals working in different industries such as finance, healthcare, and legal can appreciate the use cases below:

  • FinanceFinancial experts who collaborate with thousands of documents a day take great pride in knowing that they can quickly and confidently deliver high-quality PDF files to their clients with electronic files such as new customer account forms and new loans applications, while processing a multitude of other tasks without ever having to visit a branch. Online banking IT experts feel great knowing that their clients are downloading pristine-looking banking statements and transaction histories via PDF download millions of times a day. That's partner and customer satisfaction on the go!
    • New customer onboarding
    • Loan origination
    • Application approvals
  • HealthcareThe Healthcare Industry gives us another great example as professionals in this field also view, form-fill, and archive medical reports – saving as they go. Because of the sensitivity of their files, having the ability to save, ‘lock down’ and disable the print and download option before sharing gives patients an element of trust and security. Once these customized options are in place, the necessary HIPAA-compliant digital forms can then be delivered directly to thousands of individual doctors from any terminal within the Doctor’s Network.
    • New patient onboarding
    • Prescription management
    • Medical file collaboration
  • LegalReader Plus provides legal professionals the capability to view or modify important PDF documents such as contracts or tax forms, while maintaining compliancy and legal guidelines. Most legal professionals require the ability to make changes to their digital files on the fly. Reader Plus allows for quick edits, form-fill, save, and download PDF files directly from a standard browser.
    • New case onboarding
    • eDiscovery needs
    • Evidence collaboration

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