PDF-Enable Legacy Code to the Web

  • Scalable, high volume PDF generation for legacy software
  • Integrates with your existing printing code or conversion from PostScript™
  • Generates standards-compliant documents including PDF, PDF/A and PDF/X

PDF-Enable Legacy Code to the Web

PDF-enable your applications with Server.  If you can print it, you can create pixel perfect PDF reproductions by intercepting print streams or converting directly from PostScript®.  With support for PDF/A and PDF/X, international standards compliance is built-in.  Don't reinvent the wheel!  Save yourself days, weeks and even months of development by integrating Server's simple, straightforward API with just a few lines of code.  With a rock-solid code base that's been around for 14 years, application deployment with Server means no headaches, hassles or surprises.  As the only true multi-threaded PDF print service for Windows, it handles simultaneous jobs with ease so you can develop today, and not have to worry about your application scaling to meet demand going forward. 

Feature List

  • Scalable, high volume PDF generation
  • Designed from the ground-up for server-side processing
  • Enterprise-class, multithreaded performance
  • Centralized and controlled PDF settings
  • PDF-enable legacy apps with existing print code
  • Convert PostScript, PCL and XPS directly to PDF
  • Built-in support for Image to PDF conversions
  • Add company logos and stamp watermarks
  • Add document metadata
  • Encrypt output with PDF security
  • Control font embedding and substitution options
  • Control image options, including downsampling
  • Specify output resolution and print quality
  • Add bookmarks to generated PDF files
  • Automatically Email or FTP output PDF
  • Insert PDFMark to further enhance PDF output
  • Output to PDF, PDF/A or PDF/X

Pricing & Licensing

Server Term Pricing

  • Fast Start
    • Develop Your Software for Free for 30 Days
    • Unlimited Developer Assitance
    • Includes All ActivePDF Developer Products
  • Developer
    $42 Per month/Billed Annually
    • Great for On-Going Projects
    • Single Developer Plan
    • Team and Company Plans Available
  • Production
    $105 Per month/Billed Annually
    • Keep Your Business Running Smoothly
    • Single Production Instance License
    • Includes Production Support and Updates
  • Production Plus
    $146 Per month/Billed Annually
    • For the Projects That Never Quit
    • Single Developer Plan
    • Production Plan

Server Perpetual Pricing

  • Production Only
    • Single Instance Production License
    • 30 Days Installation Support
    • Activation Assistance for 90 Days
  • Production Assurance
    • Single Instance Production License
    • First Year Support and Updates
  • Production Plus
    • All of the Benefits of Production Assurance
    • Includes One Year Single Developer Plan

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