High Volume Document Conversion

  • Transform hundreds of file types to and from PDF and PDF/A
  • Watched folder or developer API for on-the-fly conversion
  • Fault tolerant scalability to millions of documents per day

High Volume Document Conversion

DocConverter transforms hundreds of file types to and from PDF with superior fidelity and consistent reproduction.  Optional output to, and validation of PDF/A ensures your documents will meet demanding standards-compliance requirements.  It’s simple to use and setup - watched folders can be shared across your network and, with the Sharepoint plug-in, enterprise integration is a snap.  Need on-the-fly conversion from your web application?  A single API call is all you need with DocConverter's built-in .NET and COM API. 
This isn't just some "ported" desktop application.  We innovated Office® to PDF conversion on the server back in 2000.  DocConverter was engineered from day one with built-in fault tolerance, redundancy and speed.  It gives you the confidence to convert millions of documents a day, and the peace of mind to go home today knowing it will be running tomorrow.

Feature List

  • High Volume Document Conversion
  • Designed from the ground-up for server-side processing
  • Enterprise-class, multithreaded performance
  • Fault-tolerant scalability to millions of documents per day
  • Centralized control over conversion settings
  • No per-user or per-document fees
  • Watched folder or developer APIs for on the fly transformation
  • Convert hundreds of file types directly to PDF
  • Repurpose PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML or text
  • Add file conversion to any Windows server-based application
  • Maintain active features including hyperlinks and headings
  • Add company logos and watermarks to PDF output
  • Secure output files with standard PDF encryption
  • Add document metadata during conversion
  • Optimize PDF for 'Fast Web View'
  • Concatenate output to existing PDF
  • Remote component enables offloading jobs to separate server
  • Control font embedding and subsetting options
  • Output delivery via email, FTP, or network folder
  • Output to PDF, PDF/A or PDF/X
  • Validate existing PDF/A files for standards-compliance
  • Transform PDF to Image: TIFF, JPEG, BMP or PNG

Pricing & Licensing

DocConverter Term Pricing

  • Fast Start
    • Develop Your Software for Free for 30 Days
    • Unlimited Developer Assistance
    • Includes All ActivePDF Developer Products
  • Developer
    $42 Per month/Billed Annually
    • Great for On-Going Projects
    • Single Developer Plan
    • Team and Company Plans Available
  • Production
    $119 Per month/Billed Annually
    • Keep Your Business Running Smoothly
    • Single Production Instance License
    • Includes Production Support and Updates
  • Production Plus
    $160 Per month/Billed Annually
    • For the Projects That Never Quit
    • Single Developer Plan
    • Production Plan

DocConverter Perpetual Pricing

  • Production Only
    • Single Instance Production License
    • 30 Days Installation Support
    • Activation Assistance for 90 Days
  • Production Assurance
    • Single Instance Production License
    • First Year Support and Updates
  • Production Plus
    • All of the Benefits of Production Assurance
    • Includes One Year Single Developer Plan

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