Support Incident Definition

What is a Support Incident?

An INCIDENT is defined as a single, REPRODUCIBLE issue displaying specific symptoms where:

1. ActivePDF agrees the problem is directly related with the OPERATION of ActivePDF software
2. A resolution can be reached using reasonable efforts. A single support incident may involve multiple round trips of contact.

INCIDENT - a problem that cannot be be broken down into separate subordinate issues. If a problem can be broken down into subordinate issues, each shall be considered a separate incident.

REPRODUCIBLE - A problem that ActivePDF can re-create on its own systems.

OPERATION - a problem that is directly related to ActivePDF software as defined in the applicable product documentation. Does not include the interoperability of ActivePDF software with any third-party products, nor does it cover sources of input that are initially forseen to not adhere to the published guidelines or specifications.

Definition of Incident Resolution

Once an incident is accepted by ActivePDF Support, resolution of the incident shall be defined by accomplishing any one of the following:

1. The incident results in a reasonable solution.
2. The incident results in a reasonable workaround.
3. ActivePDF has determined the incident is related to a source of input that does not follow a published guideline or specification.
4. ActivePDF determines the incident is an enhancement request.

Guidelines and Priorities

Email support is a benefit of paid Maintenance & Support. Pre-sales evaluators may also request support during the evaluation period.

Support requests received from customers that have annual subscription receive priority over Basic Email Support.

Customers with a current ActivePDF Premium Support Package always receive the highest priority.

For more information on purchasing an ActivePDF Premium Support Package, please visit our support options page.

Incident escalation is determined internally according to our escalation guidelines.

You can reach our Technical Support department at (949) 582-9003. Please do not call our toll-free number as you will be directed to hang up and call the above number.

What We Will Help You With

1. Installation of ActivePDF Products

Provided you are using one of our digitally signed installers, the operating system and service pack are listed as supported and the installation defaults are selected, our technical support staff are happy to assist you in getting ActivePDF products up and running. If it is determined that one of the above conditions is not met, an alternative will be suggested and the support incident ticket will be closed.

2. Security settings
We will assist you with NTFS and registry permission settings, provided you are logged in as the local administrator for the machine you are using.

3. Algorithmic Recommendations Using ActivePDF Products to Develop a Solution
Our team of experts can provide you with the best ways to get the job done. We'll provide you with "how-to" functionality that explains the best way to deploy ActivePDF solutions.

4. Explanation of ActivePDF Product Properties and Methods
Unclear about how a particular property or method is used? Our Technical Support engineers can fully explain how all of our products properties and methods work.

5. Order of Precedence Issues When Using ActivePDF products
Your particular situation may be unclear as to when you call certain methods or set certain properties with ActivePDF products. Just ask our Tech Support personnel if you are on the right path and if not, we'll help you get there.

6. Pseudo-code Examples that Assist with Developing a Solution
Since ActivePDF can be used in literally dozens of environments, we utilize pseduo-code when explaining the operation of ActivePDF products. We may not speak your exact language, but our technical support team can point you in the right direction with easy to understand examples.

7. Bug Determination
Bug reports are taken very seriously and are escalated to development as soon as they are reproduced in-house. If the culprit is determined to be a bug, you will be told which service pack or hot fix it will be rectified in.

8. Troubleshooting your Program's Interaction with ActivePDF
Provided the issue can be traced to using an ActivePDF product and any other pertinent guidelines have been followed, our Technical Support team can review your code in helping you resolve the problem.

9. Enhancement Logging
We are committed to providing best of breed PDF solutions and so consider all enhancement requests seriously. You will be notified which service pack, hot fix or new version the enhancement will be made available in.

What We Will Not Do

1. Look at issues if you have not yet downloaded the product.

2. Convert software between two different languages (e.g. ASP to ColdFusion)

3. Assist you in setting up your server (outside of ActivePDF configuration issues)

4. Write your software for you

If you have any questions or remarks regarding these policies, please send an email to our technical support manager at

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